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October 2012
, from Spain. One of so many more.

Hi Dave,
I received a month ago your three pickups.   Perfect!

As I told you, here you have a video where your pickup is running. You've
permission to link; enjoy it also

Xera - Vientos

Thanks for your great work . Sometimes "simple things use to be the best
We are in touch.

Carlos Diaz

Mar 2004
Hi Dave,

I used your new pickup for the first time yesterday....two gigs...5 hours of fiddling....and I am very impressed. At the first gig we had another fiddler with us, he had a xxxxxxn installed. He heard my fiddle and wants your pickup. He will be in touch.

Hi Dave

We have a violin pickup of yours, and it's great. Do you happen to make one for a double bass?

I'm John Boyce, and live on the Gold Coast. I am VERY particular who or what touches my violin!!!

I am an optometrist who plays in occasional club gigs, do some recording studio session work but mainly play in worship teams at churches.

For the live playing, I have used Dave's autolycus for MANY years. It gives in my opinion, a superbly natural violin sound which can be messed around using various add-on sound processing gear, but over the years I have concluded ... it is pretty difficult to improve on a good violin sound!! I usually simply add a little reverb unless the hall is very "live". My pickup stays on the violin.... I have wrapped the loose cable and plug with thin wet-suit sponge to protect against any inadvertent knocks, and have not had a single problem with it.

The pickup attachment is especially important to ensure no marks are left by it and I can honestly say... there ARE NO MARKS anywhere whatsoever... it is all very gentle on the wood and varnish.

I get a superb full rich sound using an SWR "California Blond" accoustic instrument amp, although this has not been as reliable as the pickup!!!



I have been playing fiddle professionally for 14 years and have owned or used every pickup that is commercially available during this time. Since using the sound is now more direct and thus has greater clarity and "umph". My EQ settings are sensible and I no longer fear sitting in with another band using a rig other than my own.

A tip of this Texan's hat to my partner in New Zealand, I wish I could have used this pickup from the start.
Sean Orr
Cedar Creek, Texas


"David, I have now become well accustomed to your pickup. It is wonderful, I am so happy with it."
(12 Aug 99)

"Hi David, I would like to buy another pickup" (28 Jul 99)

"I would not blame you for raising your prices much higher"
(15 Jul 99

"Dear Dave, the Autolycus is working VERY all sounds really good on a decent PA." (17 Aug 98)

Hi David...
......My feeling is that the Autolycus pickup delivers exactly as promised: a true natural violin tone through a system costing about one-half as much as comparable units on the market. Thanks, Eric. 12/Sept/99
And this letter I find most satisfying:
"Feb 1998
"Hi Dave, I have to admit you were quite correct - your pickup wins the contest hands down. It really does generate the nearest to "true" fiddle tone quality. In comparison, the others make a fiddle sound like the xxxxxxx manufacturers should have rejected." Lynne..
These letters of acclaim are unsolicited, they simply arrived. Without them I probably would not be making these pickups. These are just some of them.

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