Fiddle pickups, Autolycus
This sound clip  (download 220kb)
was made by feeding the Autolycus pickup into the computer line input via a small mixer/preamp with a little echo added on the way, no other changes have been made.

The sound clip is MP3, mono 32kbps/16000Hz (compression).

The piano and bass were added from a keyboard by the same musician, my friend Miro.

Picture is of my "home made" violin as used by Miro in this sample.
(Pickups usually have a black coloured wire.)
The "leather" tab with button hole is clearly seen and safely takes the strain of the cable on the RCA connector. The tab also protects the violin from the metal connectors. It works well for me, why not try it!

My attempt at a video explanation is here here.
And here is a quickly made comparison acoustic v amplified without any effort to embelish.